Calcareous Soils Initiative

Host: | Date: 13 Jan 2021

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Calcareous soils are very common in the southern grain-growing region and cover 60% of the region’s cropping country. These soils are high in calcium carbonate, resulting in poor crop establishment and low grain yields compared to less hostile soils.

But a new research initiative is set to improve the grain industry’s understanding of these soils and how they constrain crop yield and profitability. Behind the initiative is the Grains Research and Development Corporation in conjunction with the Co-operative Research Centre for high-performance soils, the Soil CRC. Also collaborating on this project are CSIRO, NSW DPI and the Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia.

GRDC is investing 6.75 million dollars over 3 years in this initiative to build on previous research knowledge into calcareous soils.