Seeding Sandy Soils: National

Published: 11 Aug 2022

Managing water repellence at seeding: moisture access strategies

Key points

  • Crop establishment in water-repellent sands can be improved by accessing soil moisture available after the opening rains, either within the stubble row
    or in the inter-row subsurface below the dry layer (up to 20 centimetres (cm) deep)
  • On-row or edge-row sowing and deep moisture lifting achieved consistent benefits in small plot trials
  • Combining these techniques with a seed zone soil wetter maximised the benefits
  • Angled-row sowing is a practical compromise when accurate row-guided seeding cannot be implemented
  • Seed and fertiliser separation can provide complementary benefits.

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Region: National

GRDC Project Code: CSP1606-008RMX,