GRDC Grains Research Update Coonamble 2015

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Coonamble GRU Cover page July 2015
Coonamble GRDC Grains Research Update
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29th July 2015

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Summer and winter forage crop options - likely fit in central West farming systems
Lindsay Bell, CSIRO

Managing the yield gap to achieve your yield potential.
Chris McCormack, AgriPath

Farming systems performance: A major new farming systems project on the constraints to performance and efficiency.
Lindsay Bell, CSIRO

Panel discussion: Closing the yield gap - what leading growers are doing to optimise water use efficiency. (no paper)

Herbicide resistance - what’s coming and what’s already here.
Maurie Street, GOA

Residual herbicides - plantback, weed control and fitting them into farming systems.
Richard Daniel, NGA

Panel session: managing problem weeds - implications for farming systems. (no paper)

Managing high level phosphine resistance in on-farm storage.
Philip Burrill, DAF Qld

The what, where and why of soil testing for crop nutrition in the Coonamble area.
Mike Bell, QAAFI