Spray Application Manual

Published: 6 Feb 2017

About this manual

This Spray Application GrowNotes™ manual provides information on how various spraying systems and components work, along with those factors that the operator should consider to ensure the sprayer is operating to its full potential.

This manual focuses on issues that will assist in maintaining the accuracy of the sprayer output while improving the efficiency and safety of spraying operations. It contains many useful tips for your spray operations.

The manual includes information on sprayer set-up, including self-propelled sprayers, new tools for determining sprayer outputs, suggestions for assessing spray coverage in the field, improving droplet capture by the target, drift-reducing equipment and techniques, the effects of adjuvant and nozzle type on drift potential, and surface temperature inversion research.

How to use this manual

The manual comprises 23 modules and a 'water flush for residuals' calculator. Each module includes a series of videos.

Go through each module. It is not necessary to do each module in sequential order. Start with the introduction or try starting with the module title most relevant to your current operational needs.

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This spray application manual covers

  • Planning your spray operations – things to think about
  • Preparing for spraying – checks, accuracy and efficiency
  • Spraying system – major components and set-up considerations
  • Selecting a spraying system options available and operational considerations
  • Review and planning for future needs

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