GRDC Grains Research Update – Emerald

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GRDC Grains Research Update – Emerald
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4 hours and 30 minutes

Discuss the latest farm-ready information to improve profit, with researchers, agronomists and leading growers at the Emerald GRDC Grains Research Update.

Topics: Wednesday 29 November 2023

  • Farming systems research in the Northern Grains Region and implications for key decisions driving risk and profit in Central Queensland. Yield, economics and seasonal risk. Lindsay Bell (CSIRO) & Darren Aisthorpe (DAF Qld)
  • Water - making the most of our greatest and most often yield limiting asset. Lindsay Bell (CSIRO) & Darren Aisthorpe (DAF Qld)
    • Fallow efficiency and the impact of cover in different rainfall situations
    • Water use efficiency in different crops and farming systems and impacts on yield
  • Nitrogen cycling and management decision making in Central Queensland farming systems. David Lester (DAF Qld) & Doug Sands (DAF Qld)
    • N availability and recovery across the farming system
    • N impacts on productivity
    • Implications for management in CQ
  • The role of legumes in CQ farming systems. Doug Sands (DAF Qld) & Darren Aisthorpe (DAF Qld)
    • How much N do they use and leave for subsequent crops?
    • Soil disease impacts and soil health issues in the crop sequence
    • Water use and ground cover impacts for fallow efficiency
  • Panel discussion: Key farming system decision points for profit in CQ farming systems. Darren Aisthorpe (DAF Qld), David Lester (DAF Qld), Doug Sands (DAF Qld), Lindsay Bell (CSIRO), Belinda Chase (Iker Ag) & Josh Bell (JB Ag Services)
    • Managing cropping opportunities and responding to seasonal variability
    • Factors driving cropping opportunities for 2024
    • Nitrogen strategies - getting N on in a timely manner; spreading vs incorporation; use of manure
    • Factors driving N decision making for summer 2023/24.
McIndoe Function Centre, Opal Street
QLD 4720
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Erica McKay
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