GRDC Grains Research Update, online – Chickpeas

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GRDC Grains Research Update, online – Chickpeas

Date: 25 Feb 2022
Region: North


The program from the February/March 2022 GRDC Grains Research Updates has moved online. While we and many participants lament not being able to run these events face to face, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to cherry pick  topics of interest to you not only from your area, but from the broader northern region.

Topics for this webinar:

  • Ascochyta management in chickpeas - timing x environment x variety. (Hayley Wilson & Kurt Lindbeck, NSW DPI)
  • Phytophthora root rot and waterlogging in chickpea – minimising risk and management options. (Sean Bithell & Nicole Dron, NSW DPI)
  • Chickpea chilling tolerance - unpacking when yield potential is generated in chickpeas and how different commercial cultivars accumulate yield. (Neroli Graham, NSW DPI)
  • A new diagnostic tool for botrytis in chickpeas – in-paddock biosensors – progress towards development of an in-paddock diagnostic device that is cheap, reliable, and accurate and mapping Ascochyta rabiei aggressiveness and understanding the pathogen adaptation to disease management strategies. (Ido Bar, Griffith University)

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