The crops are up so now it’s time to get down to business

Author: | Date: 24 Jun 2020

image of Courtney Ramsey and Craig Altmann
Courtney Ramsey, GRDC Grower Relations Manager – South, pictured at a GRDC Update with Craig Altmann, AGF Seeds, Smeaton (Victoria), says the Farm Business Updates are designed to drive innovation and adoption of improved farm business management practices. Photo: GRDC

The winter crops of 2020 are up and away for most grain growers in the southern cropping region – signalling it is now time to get down to other business.

Growers’ post-seeding priorities include the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Farm Business Updates which are important forums for identifying opportunities to grow the bottom line of farm enterprises.

In a forced break from tradition, this year’s Farm Business Updates have moved from regional locations to the homes and offices of growers and advisers via a convenient, free-of-charge online format.

Farm Business Update topics will be spread across the week July 6-10, with one topic per day being discussed by leading experts. Each one-hour presentation will begin at 1pm AEST.

“The Farm Business Updates are designed to drive innovation and adoption of improved farm business management practices across the grains industry, and that intent remains firmly in place as we deliver the Updates via the interactive online arrangement,” says GRDC Grower Relations Manager – South, Courtney Ramsey.

“This format is a departure from the norm but we hope growers and advisers embrace the modified programs and take the opportunity to tune in at lunch time.”

The southern Farm Business Update week begins on Monday, July 6, with an economic outlook presentation by John Crosbie from Deloitte Access Economics. Mr Crosbie will discuss agriculture’s position in a post COVID-19 world and the impact on supply chains as the pandemic moves across the globe.

Managing volatility and risk inside and outside the farm gate will be the topic on Tuesday, July 7, when an expert panel share their insights and offer practical strategies to assist growers understand and manage their exposure to grain markets.

Paul Blackshaw of Meridian will explain how growers can utilise profits effectively to optimise returns and business outcomes on Wednesday, July 8. Mr Blackshaw will provide a practical approach to balancing competing business and personal priorities to achieve long term goals and objectives.

On Thursday, July 9, consultant Alex Thomas will delve into the topic of farm health and safety from a practical perspective, emphasising the need for a safer environment for every person who enters a farming property.

The final session on Friday, July 10, will focus on the development of management and decision making skills. This session will be led by consultant Clara McCormack, who will outline the path to improving confidence and becoming a more effective decision maker.

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