GRDC Grains Research Update – Dubbo

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GRDC Grains Research Update – Dubbo
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1 day, 5 hours and 30 minutes

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Topics: Wednesday 22 February 2023

  • General plenary
    • The short & long-term profitability of different farming systems. Lindsay Bell (CSIRO)
    • Pulse & nitrogen strategies in farming systems - legacies, profit & risk. Kathi Hertel (NSW DPI) & Jon Baird (NSW DPI)
    • Nitrogen - strategies for building the pool and reducing losses. Chris Dowling (Back Paddock Co.)
      • Organic vs different fertiliser N sources
      • Spread urea or drill it in?
      • What does a systems approach look like?
      • Legumes adding to the N pool - how much N do they give?
  • Pulses
    • Pulse agronomy to maximise yield & system benefit - 2 years of data on locally relevant soil types.  Maurie Street (GOA)
    • Pulse manure crops for nitrogen banking. Peter McInerney (3D Ag)
    • Aphids in fababeans - an update. Zorica Duric (NSW DPI)
  • Canola
    • Matching canola variety with environment & management - Time of sowing, flowering windows and drivers of phenology.  Jeremy Whish (CSIRO)
    • Predicting canola phenology using environment and genetics Shannon Dillon (CSIRO)
    • Effect of heat stress on canola yield & quality - what's the impact of genetics Rajneet Uppal (NSW DPI)
    • Discussion session - planning for canola 2023. Issues to consider
  • Phenology
    • An updated cereal phenology classification - Finding the fit for new wheat and barley varieties. Rick Graham (NSW DPI)
    • Long coleoptile wheat - for a longer sowing window and deeper seeding option - how will they change how we grow wheat? Greg Rebetzke (CSIRO)
    • Dual purpose wheat and canola research in northern New South Wales - varieties, agronomy, TOS and production performance Rick Graham (NSW DPI)
  • Mental health & finding system profit
    • Looking after yourself to look after your clients in challenging times Camilla Herbig (RAMHP)
    • Finding profit in the face of increasing input costs, interest and land value Simon Fritsch (Agripath)

Topics: Thursday 23 February 2023

  • Early risers
    • Soil acidity - pH stratification and how soils respond to amelioration with lime in different environments.  Jason Condon (CSU) & Helen Burns (NSW DPI)
  • Weeds
    • New pre emergent herbicides - how are they performing? Chris Preston (University of Adelaide)
    • Advances in the biological control of flax leaf fleabane with a novel rust fungus. Ben Gooden (CSIRO)
    • Weed mapping using drones for targeted weed spraying. John Single (Single Agriculture)
    • Practicalities of integrating alternate weed management strategies in regional farming systems. Greg Condon (Grassroots Agronomy)
  • Insects and other pests
    • The impact of insecticides on beneficial insects in broadacre crops, & how we can support them better. Lizzy Lowe (Cesar Australia)
    • How do new products perform in wet conditions & on other establishment pests? Michael Nash (What Bugs You)
    • Mice management strategies in the lead up to baiting. Optimising bait effectiveness with different levels of background food. Steve Henry (CSIRO)
  • Diseases
    • Rust in 2023 & beyond. Prof. Robert Park (Plant Breeding Institute)
    • Cereal diseases - an autopsy of 2022 & doing better in 2023 Steve Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI)
      • Rusts, yellow leaf spot, mildew & blotches
      • Septoria
      • Crown-rot
      • Fungicide resistance
    • Rust sentinel sites in central NSW - what did we learn in 2022? Maurie Street (GOA)
  • General plenary
    • Understanding the physiology of wheat yield & interactions between temperature, nitrogen & water Victor Sadras (SARDI)
    • Optimising control of annual ryegrass Chris Preston (University of Adelaide)
      • Optimising clethodim activity on resistant annual ryegrass in canola
      • Updated herbicide resistance data for central NSW (wild oats and ryegrass)
      • Managing issues with pre-sowing knockdown of glyphosate resistant ryegrass
      • Are we selecting for later germinating biotypes of ryegrass and what is the impact on the performance of pre-emergent herbicides?
    • Companion cropping of high value cash crops in central NSW - should it be considered? Colin McMaster (NSW DPI)
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