Investing in fertiliser storage infrastructure

Published: 15 Aug 2023

Why is there a need for fertiliser storage solutions?

Making the decision to invest in on-farm fertiliser storage facilities is driven by several factors, but mainly supply and price. On-farm storage allows growers to secure products and potentially purchase them at a lower price throughout the season. Additionally, it enables growers to maximise the productivity and efficiency of labour resources during the busy planting period.

More recently in the Northern region there has been a reduction in the number of distributor storage facilities in regional areas and a shift to retail outlets that store smaller quantities of fertiliser. This has been driven largely by bigger farming operations and
the availability of larger trucks, which can cart grain to port and backload with fertiliser.

Benefits of on-farm fertiliser storage:

  • guaranteed product supply;
  • potential to capitalise on early order discounts;
  • increased productivity and ease of logistics at planting;
  • allows growers to collect most of their product prior to planting or top-dressing; and
  • provides flexibility for more timely fallow application of nitrogen.

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Region: North

GRDC Project Code: CMP2202-001SAX,