Research Agreements

GRDC reviews its standard Research Agreements about every 12 months as part of a program of continuous improvement.

GRDC Standard Research Agreement (Two Party) 2019 Version 1

Release Date: January 2019

Summary Of Changes From 2018 Research Agreement

GRDC has made numerous changes to its Standard Research Agreement in 2018. The table below provides a summary of the key changes from the 2018 version to the 2019 version of the Standard Research Agreement. The key changes are related to GRDC’s move to milestone reports and milestone payments -  Project Costs have been removed, clauses relating to return of Research Funds, removal of Acquisitions as separate to Capital Items and inclusion of GRDC in-kind contributions.

Details of the changes in each area are set out below with a reference to the relevant clauses in both the 2019 and 2018 versions of the Standard Research Agreement. This table is for information only and does not affect interpretation of the Research Agreement.

2019 clause reference

2018 clause reference

Details of the changes


References to “GRDC Project Number or Code” have been replaced with “GRDC Contract Code”.



New definition of “Australian Grains Industry” to link to leviable crops.

“Project Costs” definition has been removed.  The Project Costs are a carryover from the transition to milestone payments.  All references to Project Costs have also been removed.



Reference to “days” clarified to mean calendar days unless specified.

3.2 and 3.3

3.2 and 3.3

Removal of clauses relating to return and transfer of Research Funds. This is not required with the use of Milestone Payments and other rights (clause 7.6) in this agreement.



The distinction between “Capital Items” and “Acquisitions” has been removed. Items referred to as Acquisitions will now be Capital Items if they meet the criteria under this agreement.



Clause requiring books of account have been removed as GRDC already requires retention of records and has powers to inspect and audit if required.



Amended to recognise that GRDC may be the publishing party

15 & 16

15 & 16

All notices under this agreement are captured by clause 15 (which does not require capitalisation) separately. Removed definition of notice to avoid ambiguity.



Amended to reflect the limited ability to enforce this clause during periods of voluntary administration, receivership or scheme of arrangement due to the introduction of the Treasury Laws Amendment (2017 Enterprise Incentives No 2) Act 2017 (Cth).

17.3(a)(iii) & (B)

17.3(a)(iii) & (B)

Replaced “Project Funds” with “Research Funds and Contributions” consistent with defined terms.



New sub-clause to make clear that the document constitutes the whole agreement between the parties.

Sch 1 - Item 9


New Item to include GRDC in-kind contribution as distinct from Research Funds


Sch 1 – Item 13

Removed Project Budget - this figure is often inconsistent and not required.


Sch 1 – Item 15

Removed separate reference to “Acquisitions’, captured under ‘Capital Items”

The standard 2019 GRDC Research Agreements


If you have any questions in relation to interpreting the changes to these agreements please contact GRDC General Counsel, on 02 6166 4516. General enquiries relating to ongoing or proposed projects, should be directed to the GRDC Contact Person specified in the Project Details or via the Grains Investment Portal at