Analytics for the Australian Grains Industry

Analytics for the Australian Grains Industry (AAGI) is a five-year strategic partnership aimed at harnessing analytics to drive the sector’s profitability and global competitiveness.

AAGI gives Australian growers an opportunity to be world leaders in analytics-driven decision making to drive efficiency and precision and support farm enterprise risk management.

The initiative will deliver grower-facing analytics technologies and work with GRDC RD&E partners and other stakeholders to improve Australian grains research, development and extension (RD&E) outcomes.

AAGI’s mission is to use analytics on grains data to help Australian grain growers to be more profitable and globally competitive through:

  • Supporting GRDC’s RD&E portfolio with good, efficient, analytics;
  • Doing more upskilling of the grains RD&E workforce;
  • Giving grains RD&E more analytics options;
  • Investing more in high-priority analytics research;
  • Attracting more co-investment and/or revenue to support grains RD&E analytics.

The initiative will deliver grower-facing analytics technologies and improve RD&E outcomes through five work programs:

  1. Support
  2. Services
  3. Consultancy
  4. Research & Development
  5. Upskilling & Awareness.

AAGI aims to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of RD&E, and measure the impact of investment, resulting in further gains for growers.

Strategic Partners

AAGI brings together three strategic partners: Curtin University, University of Queensland, and University of Adelaide.

Strategic partners work with several project and associate partner organisations including leading Australian and international universities, federal and state government research agencies, and commercial technology and analytics providers, to expand the sector’s analytics capability and tackle the grains industry’s biggest challenges.

GRDC Project Code: CUR2210-005OPX, UOQ2301-010OPX, UOA2301-005OPX,