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Cover page of Project Summaries of GRDC-supported projects in 2013-14

Each year the GRDC supports several hundred research and development, and capacity building projects.

In the interests of improving awareness of these investments among growers, advisers and other stakeholders, the GRDC has assembled summaries of projects active in 2013-14.

These summaries are written by our research partners as part of the Project Specification for each project, and are intended to communicate a useful summary of the research activities for each project investment.

The review expands our existing communication products where we summarise the R&D portfolio in publications such as the Five-year Strategic Research and Development Plan, the Annual Operating Plan, the Annual Report and the Growers Report.

GRDC’s project portfolio is dynamic with projects concluding and new projects commencing on a regular basis. Project Summaries are proposed to become a regular publication, available to everyone from the GRDC website.

Projects are assembled by GRDC R&D investment Theme area, as shown in the PDF documents available. For each Theme a Table of Contents of what is contained in the full PDF is also provided, so users can see a list of project titles that are covered. The GRDC investment Theme areas are:

  1. Meeting market requirements;
  2. Improving crop yield;
  3. Protecting your crop;
  4. Advancing profitable farming systems;
  5. Maintaining the resource base; and
  6. Building skills and capacity.

To download the PDF for each theme, please visit the corresponding theme using the list above.

The GRDC values the input and feedback it receives from its stakeholders and so would welcome your feedback on any aspect of this first review. This way we can continue to improve and extend this summary.

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