Field Pea Western Region - GrowNotes™

Published: 22 Mar 2018

There are several types of field pea grown in Australia. Dun types are the most common; they usually have purple or faintly pink flowers and seeds that have yellow cotyledons, and a mixture of either green or brown seed coats. Some dun varieties, though, have almost uniformly green (Helena) or light brown to cream (KaspaP) seed coats.

Up until the early 2000s the field pea industry in Australia was based almost entirely on tall trailing, indeterminate flowering and late-maturing cultivars. More recently a major shift has occurred across southern Australia towards a uniquely Australian bred field pea plant ideotype (cv. KaspaP) that is broadly adapted. This cultivar is semidwarf, semi-leafless, determinate, late in flowering although early maturing, semi-erect at maturity and highly resistant to seed shattering.

Round-white peas (called yellow peas in North America and Europe) are also grown in significant quantities, particularly in eastern Australia. These types generally have white flowers, yellow cotyledons, and a white-creamy seed coat.

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