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Published: 1 Jun 2018

Vetch (Vicia spp.) is a legume offering significant benefits to grain growers, despite being only a minor crop. Vetches are classified broadly as either grain or forage legumes. Vetch is more commonly grown for forage and hay than for use as a grain crop.

Vetch has been adopted by Australian farmers as a legume rotation crop where drought is the major environmental stress. Vetch is better adapted to these regions than field peas, chickpeas, lentils, faba beans or lupins.

Vetch is not grown for human consumption, however, it is a very versatile crop, allowing decisions about its end-use to be made during the year. While providing stock feed over winter, it then has a number of end-use options - as a grain, hay, silage and pasture or as green or brown manure.

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