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Published: 22 Apr 2018

Triticale is an established (but minor) cereal crop that combines the productivity of wheat with the hardiness of rye. Triticale (genus X Triticosecale) was developed by crossing wheat (genus Triticum) and rye (genus Secale). Triticale kernels are longer than wheat seeds and are plumper than rye. Its colour can range from the tan of wheat to the grey-brown of rye.

Triticale has several advantages in Australian conditions: it is a relatively low-input cereal crop with good disease resistance, particularly to some rusts; it is as high quality a feed grain as wheat; and it is a hardy plant. It has been developed to incorporate the high yield potential and quality of wheat and the adaptability of rye, and is adapted to a wide range of soil types and environments.


  • Planning/paddock preparation and planting
  • Plant growth and physiology
  • Nutrition and fertiliser
  • Weed and insect control
  • Nematode management
  • Diseases
  • Plant growth regulators and canopy management
  • Crop desiccation and spray out
  • Harvest and storage
  • Environmental issues
  • Marketing

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