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Published: 1 Mar 2017

Cereal rye (Secale cereal,) is a grass grown extensively as a grain, a cover crop and a forage crop. It is a member of the wheat tribe (Triticeae) and is closely related to barley (genus Hordeum) and wheat (Triticum). Rye is a comparatively modern cereal, first cultivated in northern Europe. It is thought to have originated from wild types of rye, which are weeds in wheat crops in Asia Minor.


  • Planning/paddock preparation and planting
  • Plant growth and physiology
  • Nutrition and fertiliser
  • Weed and insect control
  • Nematode management
  • Diseases
  • Plant growth regulators and canopy management
  • Crop desiccation and spray out
  • Harvest and storage
  • Environmental issues
  • Marketing

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Region: South